ICTI Organization
ICTI embodies three research groups, namely:

  • Communications

This group is capable of design and implementation of analog communication circuits and systems, from Base Band to various RF frequencies. These systems include low noise amplifiers, Oscillators and signal generators, mixers and detectors, RF filters, amplifiers and frequency synthesizers.

Group Director : H.Sadeghi

  • Power

Design and fabrication of high voltage power supplies, switching power supplies, inductive furnaces, pulsed modulators and Intelligent A.C. Motor Drives can be stated as some of the capabilities of this group.

Gruop Director : R.motahari

  • Informatics

This group is in charge of design and development of computer software and hardware for various communication and control systems. Data acquisition, signal and data processing, monitoring and remote testing and maintenance, industrial automation and robotics are amongst the group's activities.

This group is divided into and sections to reach the above goals.

    1. Hardware
      Study, design and implementation of tailor made hardware modules to accomodate project requirements is a major concern of the center. The group is equipped with the state of the art tools and knowledge for speedy design and development of these units, as required by the projects.

    2. Software

      One of the strategies of the center is to avoid the use of special purpose hardware. This is accomplished through the use of readily available general purpose computers and micro-processor systems. The software section is in charge of feasibility analysis of the hardware platform and development of the required software for various applications.

Group Director : M.R. Akhavan-Saraf


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